…women, strong and joyful

These women live in the alpaca region in the of Puno in Peru,
highlands of a far away horizon at more than 4,000 meters in altitude,
where pure and cold air blows as they tend to their alpacas.

Special knit pieces impregnated with the hand
and essence of the people who create them.
…unique, soulful garments tell the story of their origin
and accompany us through time.







Las Manuelas
Strong and joyful women, living in the alpaca region in the south of Puno in Peru. Highlands of a far away horizon at more than 4,000 metres in altitude, where pure and cold air blows as they tend to their alpacas.

Digital Co-Design
Collection designed between designers from around the globe, and Las Manuelas, a community of artisan women from Mazocruz, Puno, through our digital CoDesign Platform.

Traceable Craft
The women perform the whole production process for each of the pieces. From the care of the alpacas, shearing, spinning, and dyeing, to the final knitting of the product. Thus, impregnating their unique identity into each piece.

Natural Materials
Alpaca wool, 100% natural, hand-spun yarn, naturally dyed with local flora.

Uniqueness and Permanence
Each piece is unique and timeless, holding a permanent space within Las Manuelas. Independent from the seasonal fashion calendar.

Fostering Biodiversity
The pieces are created based on the availability of the different qualities and colors of the wools to preserve the natural biodiversity.

Alpaca Wool Database
Real time access to a wool and artisan database of each participating community, respecting the alpaca wool cycle avoiding any type of alteration to the environment, its natural processes, and the production times of the artisan women.

Economic Vitality
The artisan women are introduced into the labor market, offering them an opportunity to apply their skills and have direct access to economic gain improving their lives.

A nonprofit project where all proceeds are utilised to cover production costs and improve the project.

Creating a social network between artisans, designers and buyers. Utilising digital tools to blur physical distances and cultural barriers.



Las Manuelas
Artisan women from Santa Rosa Mazocruz de Puno,
coordinated by the organization Movimiento Manuela Ramos of Perú,
whom through the CoDesign Platform,
created by IED REC Research and Education Center 
collaborate with international brands and designers.