Las Manuelas, one design, one story you are now a part of 
The Las Manuelas online store offers uniquely designed pieces, each with their own story, each a part of an adventure in which nature, culture and people unite in harmony. A story that never ends and one you are a part of the moment you shop with us. Once you receive your piece, its story continues through your own story.

The impact of your purchase
Your purchase returns entirely to its origin, helping us continue to support the development of the project, the artisans, their families and wellbeing.

Pieces on demand
In the case of the Los Manolos & Las Manuelas collection, the pieces are made to order. Once we receive the request and payment confirmation, Las Manuelas start the creation process: reserving wool, spinning, dyeing and knitting.This process respects their lives and needs, and the natural cycle of nature. Each of these pieces takes approximately 6 weeks to produce to be ready for shipping, at which point we will update you on its status. This timing is an approximate and is subject to changes based on the nature of the production cycle.

The pieces made to order are created using the original design proposed by the designers and international brands with individual and unique details contributed by the artisan creating it. The photos you see provide a guide to what the final piece may look like. Take into account that this is an entirely handmade production which can result in variations in color, textures, sizes and tension as each artisan is unique. The final piece you receive is entirely irreplicable and is made just for you. Careful attention goes into ensuring each piece is well made to stand the test of time.

Collections in stock
In the case of the remaining collections, these are already created pieces which we currently have in stock. Las Manuelas_00 is a collection of unique items, only one, occasionally two, pieces exist per each model. Once we receive the order and payment confirmation, we start to work on getting the piece to you. Please allow 2 weeks for your piece to be shipped to the address you provided during your purchase.

Fixed Price
The store is open to the whole world. We have a fixed price in which we have included potential taxes and delivery costs regardless of where you make your purchase from.

Direct Contact
We use the internet to unite people, but behind each of the screens, there’s a person. We will be available for you to reach us if you have any questions and keep you informed on the status of your order along the way. If you have any comments, doubts or problems, contact us at, we’ll be happy to help.

Who is Behind this Store
These pieces are created by Alpaca herders and artisan women from the southern region of Puno, Peru, as well as the designers and brands who see in this project a beautiful and necessary mode of expression and collaboration.

This project is done in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Movimiento Manuela Ramos of Peru, who offers the necessary coordination with the artisan collectives and helps this whole idea become a reality. And, as support for as long as it is necessary to ensure the project’s sustainability, providing technical support and funding, IED Rec Research and Education Center.

Enter and become a part of Las Manuelas, help us continue our story.