Textile as the expression of what is human, the plumage as a longing for the divine.

This series of knit pieces seeks to render homage to pre-columbian fabrics, which at the height of a desire for the sublimation of a mortal need to create an aura of grandeur, were ornamented with brilliantly coloured feathers.

Each of the designers of this collection interpreted this inspiration with their own unique visual language.

Collection now available at CONCENTO in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.





















Los Manolos is a collective of fashion designers based in Madrid, Spain.
Las Manuelas is a collective of alpaca herders and artisans based in Mazocruz, Perú.

John Eccles, Tíscar Espadas, Manuela Fidalgo, Blanca Gomara, Victor Gosalvéz, Helena Juara, Julen Linde, Lidia Muro, Christian Quijorna, Claudia Signori, María de Zavala.

Gloria Isabel Acero Pacoticona, Francisca Cahuapaza Mamani, Eusebia Callacondo Almanza, María Vanessa Cruz Alanoca, Sebastiana Gutierrez Gutierrez,Doris Sonia Gutierrez Tarqui, Marleny Marisol Gutierrez Tuyo, Elia Tuyo Pacoticona, Ruth Fanny Huancapaza Paredes, Herminia Percca Calizaya, Paulina Tarqui Pacoticona.


Los Manolos & Las Manuelas
Creative Direction: Brais Vilasó
Photography: Virgili Jubero

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